Monday, July 14, 2008

Microsoft Cool?

Can Hotshot Ad Guy Alex Bogusky Make Microsoft Cool?
"Life conspires to beat the rebel out of you," says Bogusky, with partners, from left, Jeff Steinhour, Chuck Porter, and Jeff Hicks | photograph by Peter Yang

In conversation with my friend Duncan, an article from the June issue of Fast Company came up.

We both agreed that this is one daunting task, but when I made my point I just said NO. Honestly, how can one person or even a team (ad agency) make a product cool? While Microsoft is trying to be something for everyone I think they need to be realistic and just be who they are. They are a business machine that doesn't need to be cool. Their products just need to work and work right all the time because a majority of people already use them. I'm trying to remember an ad campaign that influenced me to the point where it changed my opinion about a product. For me it's always been the experience with the product or the experience a close friend has with the product that is the key influencer.

At this point in the life cycle of Microsoft I can't wait to see what these guys think will make them cool. What makes a company cool is their brand, product, and service. Not a campaign. Did somewhere along the line Microsoft forget these principles. They have great strengths and they just need to lead with them. I hope that when this all-mighty campaign is launched that Mr. Bogusky leads with Microsoft's strengths. It would be a shame if they strayed from what is the core of Microsoft's business, and that is business.
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