Friday, December 19, 2008

Is Social Media Marketing Just the Evolution of Word of Mouth Marketing?

Yesterday I commented on a blog post from Kyle Lacy about Controlling Word of Mouth Marketing Using Social Media. I'll share again here what I had to say:


I like to think that WOM and Social Media are one and the same. As I have dived into social media over the past few months I’ve come to realize that from a marketing perspective social media marketing is basically just an evolution of WOM. While there can be good old interruption “marketing” with banner ads and such on blogs, facebook, etc., what we’re seeing with users leaving reviews on Yelp!, becoming a fan of a product on Facebook, or blogging about their best or worst experiences with a brand or product is the evolution of WOM.

Now more than ever companies need to focus on WOM marketing in my opinion. This includes social media and the conversations about your brand online.

Thanks for sharing Kyle. Enjoy your day.


I'm curious if anyone else shares this opinion, and look forward to reading your thoughts.

Thanks and as always, enjoy your day.

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